Rent Rises – landlords will need to pass on the costs of licensing just as the petrol companies pass on tax rises, and this means a £5 a week rent rise on average.

In Nottingham (which over a year ago introduced a city wide Selective Licencing) significantly more landlords than expected applied for exemptions to Selective Licensing last year as they were selling. Rent rises were also the highest in the country (zoopla report).

Inspections – Selective licensing gives local authorities the right to inspect a property without notice at any time  and also requires regular landlord inspections (MHSLG selective licensing review 2019).

Many tenants may be sheilding currently and not all tenants want to be regularly inspected by their landlord. 

References – Some tenants (e.g. tenants on benefits, Students/Young People looking for their first rental or those moving back from living abroad) may be unable to provide written rental references for the last 5 years and therefore are now unable to move property.

Council references can take so long that the property is taken by another tenant.

Landlords will be more selective about the tenants they consider to reduce risk. 

Homelessness - Landlords may decide to sell or if in negative equity be repossessed (house prices in North East rental areas are often lower than in 2007), further reducing the number of rental properties available.


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